Do you really understand your customer?

Pæple is a segmentation and voice of customer tool that enables brands to deep dive into the psyche of their customers to learn how they can increase their value & desirability.

Design thinking

Some of our Customers

A Proven Research Technique

Pæple empowers you to really understand how your customer thinks and what they value.

Understand Your Customer's Values

Using a unique structured interviewing process called "Triadic Interviewing", Pæple allows you to understand how your customer makes purchase decisions pertaining to your company and your competitor's offerings.

Turn Rich Insights Into Actions

The interviewing app will bring voice of customer into your organisation to inform how you can optimise things such as your USP, product & marketing, UX, and CX to become more valuable to your customers.

Become a Market Leader

Our team of analysts & strategists are on-hand to support you in the analysis and interpretation of your data to ensure that you are extracting actionable and scalable insights, empowering you to transform your product or service into a market-leading solution.


Proven over 3 years, now open for BETA

Tiny CX has been using Pæple as our own research methodology for the past 3 years, using it to gain further insight and understanding into our clients' customers' psyches. We now want to make the technique available to teams around Australia so that you can better understand your customers in a simpler and more cost-effective manner.

Step 1 : Training & Onboarding

Once you sign-up to our BETA, the Tiny CX Team will provide training and onboarding services on the platform to prepare you for the research stage.

Step 2 : Research Facilitation

Your Tiny CX Facilitators will help you choose the right segment to research, find best-suited interviewees and facilitate you through the research process.

Step 3 : Apply Insights

Finally, your allocated facilitators will assist with the interpretation of the data in order to turn it into practical and applicable customer insights that transform your business.

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