The research tool for Human Centred Designers

Pæple is a tool that empowers UX, Service, Product Designers and Marketers to speak directly with your personas, validate your assumptions, and uncover the unknown.

Design thinking

Some of our Customers

A Proven Research Technique

Pæple empowers you to really understand how customers think and uncover their value drivers.

Understand Your Customer's Values

Using a unique structured interviewing process called "Triadic Interviewing", Pæple allows you to understand how customers construct value and make purchase decisions.

Turn Rich Insights Into Actions

Stop flying blind and understand the gaps. Validate assumptions and existing collateral by bringing voice of customer into your segments, proto-personas, products and prototypes. Pæple will allow you to do this quickly and effectively.

Inform Strategy Using Real Insights

Inform your projects using real human data. Become more valuable to the customer and feel confident extracting actionable and scalable insights when delivering your proposed strategy.


Proven over 3 years, now open to you!

Tiny CX has been using Pæple as our own research methodology for the past 3 years, using it to gain further insight and understanding into our clients' customers' psyches. We now want to make the technique available to teams around Australia so that you can better understand your customers in a simpler and more cost-effective manner.

Define Persona, Segment + Project Goal

Recruit Interviewees + Conduct Research

Apply Insights to your Project

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